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OpenNAT not responding
« on: February 11, 2015, 10:08:24 AM »
Hello again!
I've been using RakNet in our game for a long time, and the punchthrough mechanism is working fine almost always. Almost...
The problem is, sometimes, after I call the OpenNAT function, I get no response. I don't get failed nor succeeded message, not even a disconnected from the facility server. Absolutely nothing comes from the Receive() function( I've even tried to run it for hours ). Do you have any idea why? Should I just implement a timeout function, or is it a bug?

Also, there are people, who says it just doesn't connect to anyone. I know there are situations when the Punchthrough cannot work because of the routers, but is it a two way requirement? Isn't it only important to have a NAT punchthrough-able router on the host's side?

And another question, there are people, who say the game is laggy, after they connected on the external IP, but works fine, if they connect through LAN. Why is that? And how can I prevent this?
Thank you in advance