Author Topic: Using RakNet without .LIB (Including all dependanties)  (Read 18905 times)


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Using RakNet without .LIB (Including all dependanties)
« on: September 08, 2014, 08:45:43 PM »

I want to include RakNet directly into my project and have it compile each time, with my project. I know how to do this, it's as simple as including all the files you need, plus the files those need.

I was speaking about this to another developer and he said "That's a very bad idea", however he never said why? He also said with RakNet that's likely impossible (I haven't included this yet).

As far as I know it just increases the amount of time it takes to compile the project, as now it has to compile what would be library as well. I generally do this will all Library's, as when an update comes along I don't have to compile the library ahead of time, then update and alter my project. This means, I can simply update the core files, hop into my project and carry out the updates required to get it to compile with the latest version. The extra compilation time doesn't really bother me anyway, compilation time is thinking time / slurping my cup of tea time.

In short, am I asking weather I'm right to think that compilation times just increase and everything else will work normally? I'm pretty sure it's possible to do this with any library no matter what anyone says.