Author Topic: Party system/offline lobbies  (Read 7406 times)


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Party system/offline lobbies
« on: July 16, 2014, 10:14:15 AM »
I'm starting to integrate RakNet for the networking of my game and I'm having a hard time figuring out some of the architecture. I want to implement a party system where groups of players who are either on the same LAN network, or who are friends (which will be determined by the matchmaking platform: Steam, LIVE, etc.) can all either join a custom game or a public game. What I'm having difficulty figuring out is how connection should persist. Is it best to have a simple connection to the party leader using the RakPeer::Connect method? Or is it better to use a FullyConnectedMesh2? I plan to use a FullyConnectedMesh2 during gameplay, but is the mesh designed to persist between gameplay sessions with players entering and leaving? Or is the lobby/party usually separate from the mesh, with all players in the lobby joining into a mesh when the game begins? Also, is there any method to join two fully connected meshes with each other, for joining an entire party onto one team? And if there is, then how do you disconnect the party from the lobby/match without everyone in the party disconnecting from each other?