Author Topic: some questions about raknet. HOW to deal with identification after reconnection  (Read 13332 times)


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Hi everyone,

I just started studying and using RakNet several days. And I have come up with several questions.

One of them is, if one client loses his connection, and even changes his ip, then he needs to reconnect to the server. How to deal with this problem.

Well, please let me introduce it more detailed.

I know raknet is often used for games programming, but our system is not a game, and our network module is not perfect, so I hope to use raknet to replace it.

And the specific problem in our system is that we have serveral equipments and a server. they send messages to others using a wireless connection. The server would require the equipments to move from A to B, and then the ip of the equipment would change. So, how to make the equipment to be consistently connected to the server, or at least, the server can recognize or identify the equipment after it loses connection and reconnects to the server.

I'm not sure whether I describe the system clearly. Well, It is, at some degree, sililar to KIVA.


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You could solve this in user-code. For example, have some identifier for the equipment. When you connect, transmit the identifier so you know which system you have connected to