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RakNet 4.08 Released



* NatPunchthroughServer: Fixed crash when the sender guid is equal to the recipient guid
* HTTPConnection2: Now supports chunked responses
* Lobby2: Fix always returning resultCode=L2RC_UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORM; on the PC
* MasterServer2: Use JSON_PRESERVE_ORDER when using SSL
* PS4: Updated sample to work with current SDK. Fixed incorrect endian reporting
* FullyConnectedMesh2: Add SkipToVJCUserData(), WriteVJCUserData() in case the user wants to add data to verified join responses
* NATPuncthroughClient: Detect port stride and better estimate future router port mappings
* NetworkIDManager: Add Clear() function
* RakSleep (affects RakPeer and others): Fix memory leak on Linux
* RandSync: Added, use with ReplicaManager3 to synch random number generators
* ReplicaManager3: Minor fixes
* SocketLayer: Add #include netdb.h for Linux compilation
* Documentation: Improved NAT traversal architecture


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