Author Topic: RakNet 4.067 released  (Read 60040 times)


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RakNet 4.067 released
« on: January 26, 2013, 07:26:10 PM »
Fix PS3 which was broken in 4.066.
Update Vita project to VS2010, and fix functionality, which was broken at an unknown time by a prior SDK release.
Fix RNS2_Berkley::SetNonBlockingSocket for non-windows platforms.
Added CFSocket when __APPLE__ to wakeup 3g antenna (may not work).
Added RakNet_IOS_XCode.
Added RakPeer::SetIncomingDatagramEventHandler() so that an can application can selectively prevent RakPeer from handling datagrams, for example datagrams from an external application. When used in conjunction with RakPeer::GetSockets() for sendto calls, the same socket can be shared between RakPeer and an external application.
Add AddParticipantRequestFromClient to RelayPlugin.
Add missing Windows Store 8 files to DependentExtensions.
Updated readme.txt about Unreal Engine integrations