Author Topic: RakNet 4.05 released  (Read 60736 times)


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RakNet 4.05 released
« on: July 12, 2012, 12:56:20 PM »
RakPeerInterface: Fixed ApplyNetworkSimulator only sending one datagram an update tick. Fixed bug where if the packetloss caused receipt of a duplicated RELIABLE_SEQUENCED or UNRELIABLE_SEQUENCED datagram, it could be returned to the user twice. Account for time variable overflow if a system had been running a very long time.
FullyConnectedMesh2: Fixed StartVerifiedJoin when multiple systems join at the same time.
ReplicaManager3: Fixed SerializeParameters::whenLastSerialized not being set. Assert if you reference the same thing twice.
UDPForwarder: Rewritten to fix unknown thread-related problems causing forwarding to fail
Rooms: Fixed NetworkedQuickJoinUser::Serialize. JoinedRoomResult now serializes joiningMemberGuid.
FileListTransfer: Fixed RemoveReceiver if more than one set of files are transferred to the same system simultaneously.
TeamManager: Can now be used in a limited sense in single player (when not attached to RakPeerInterface)
UDPProxyClient: Now returns server ip and port when returning ID_UDP_PROXY_IN_PROGRESS so the user can take over an existing forwarding port.
RakString: Added FormatForPOST() and FormatForGet() in order to reduce reliance on HTTPConnection class.
PS3 / Vita: Console_SendDataMessageToUser_PS3 now asserts if message size exceeds max for the target platform
New plugin: StatisticsHistory. Detailed tracking of connection statistics for use in bandwidth optimization by the user.
New plugin: LibVoice, can cross compile to PS3 and Vita to support voice chat. Replaces AVC2 when turned on in NativeFeatureIncludes.h.
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