Author Topic: RakNet 4.034 released  (Read 60654 times)


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RakNet 4.034 released
« on: November 15, 2011, 12:27:40 PM »
BitStream: Read/Write BitsFromIntegerRange fixed.
RakPeer: GetConnectionList() now sets number of systems to 0 when RakPeer is not started.
FullyConnectedMesh2: Fix potential assert caused by receiving ID_FCM2_INFORM_FCMGUID before ID_FCM2_REQUEST_FCMGUID or ID_FCM2_RESPOND_CONNECTION_COUNT.
SteamLobby: Fixed bug where only one message was read per execution of RunUpdateCycle()
DirectoryDeltaTransfer: Refactor so user can scan files in a thread if they wish.
ReplicaManager3: Added to manual page instructions on how to combine it with FullyConnectedMesh2
XBOX: Fix logic error with XBOXAynchOps where it would lockup on a failed operation. Fix deleting rooms on cable disconnect.
TeamBalancer: Fixed setting team size limits. Now supports multiple players per computer.
Other: VariadicSQLParser::ExtractArguments make %f act like %d.