Author Topic: RakNet 4.022 released  (Read 59868 times)


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RakNet 4.022 released
« on: June 30, 2011, 01:11:22 PM »
  • ReplicaManager3: Added Replica3Composite to ReplicaManager3.h, to make it easier to use composition instead of deriving from Replica3. Replica3::PostDeserializeConstruction function signature changed. PostSerializeConstruction added. PostDeserializeConstruction() is now called after all objects have been created in a ReplicaManager3 construction tick. Replica3::PostSerializeConstruction has been added with an output bitstream that is sent to Replica3::PostDeserializeConstruction. This enables the user to resolve pointer linkages at a time when all other objects are known to have been created and initialized. SetAutoSerializeInterval now accepts 0 to serialize every time RakPeer::Update is called. Use a negative value to disable autoSerialize.
  • RakPeer: Fixed GetInternalID not working (Affects NATPunchthrough on LAN). Fix crash in GetConnectionList.
  • XBOX: Notification_Console_Got_Room_Invite now returns user index of which user was invited. Inviting users with an index higher than 0 now works. Use XUserSetContextEx when joining rooms to prevent XONLINE_E_SESSION_REQUIRES_ARBITRATION error. Fix for more than 2 members in a room. Error returned on room full.
  • PS3: Added L2MID_Console_EnableDisableRoomVoiceChat. Add password support to Join_Room. Add option to init network utilities to Client_Login.
  • LibCat security: Removed dependency on GetLogicalProcessorInformation to support Windows versions older than XP with SP3
  • RPC4: Signal and slot support added. Existing Call functions marked deprecated.
  • IrrlichtDemo: Updated to Irrlicht 1.7.2. PostDeserializeConstruction modified to match new function signature.
  • Games for Windows Live support: Added
  • FullyConnectedMesh2: Added GetHostOrder
  • Other: Remove Code blocks and Dev-CPP project files.
  • StringTable: Fixed