Author Topic: RakNet 4.021 released  (Read 57448 times)


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RakNet 4.021 released
« on: May 20, 2011, 01:35:06 PM »
  • XBOX: Added CallLocalized_IncorrectProfilesSignedIn to override language for sign-in. Fixed updating room parameters. Fixed Console_EndGame_360 never returning. Added Notification_Console_Game_Ending_360
    for writing sessions stats. Fixed process flow for arbitration. Fixed double pointer deletion crash from ending the game. Added workaround for sign-in API bug that would disconnect one user if another user signed in.
  • IPV6: Fixed compile error
  • SteamLobby: Fix bug causing some plugins to not work, including FullyConnectedMesh2.
  • RPC4: Support blocking calls with return values. Support global registration of methods. User data is now aligned.
  • PS3: Added support for checking for reboots due to game invites.
  • Documentation: Expand multiplayergamecomponents.html to describe common tasks to add multiplayer to a single player game. Added technical documentation about bluetooth.