Author Topic: RakNet 4.020 released  (Read 53824 times)


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RakNet 4.020 released
« on: April 21, 2011, 08:35:54 PM »
NATPunchthroughClient: Fixed internal IP addresses incorrectly reported, sometimes causing failed LAN connections.
XBOX: Allow localization of SignIn dialog.
32 to 64 bit communications: Have stringCompressor not use unsigned int for 32/64 bit network support.   Fix error with BitStream writing SystemAddress using unsigned long, caused incorrect RakNetGUID values.
Linux (LIBCAT): Reduce entropy gathering rate to once a second.  For Linux, move vmstat -s polling to the invariant sources so it isn't run periodically.
PS3: Added Console_ShowGUIInvitationsToRooms.
PS3: Renamed Notification_Console_Got_Room_Invite_PS3 to Notification_Console_Accepted_Room_Invite_PS3
PS3: Added working implementation of  Notification_Console_Got_Room_Invite_PS3