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Beta testing for new product


I've written a new tool to help game developers design, test, and profile their games. It uses a combination of C++, SQLite, and a 2d/3d visualization application.

Here's some things it can do:

Record a video of your play sessions with all events that happened each tick, with the ability to send sessions to programmers. For example, "At time 1:32 into the session, I picked up a machine gun but it had no ammo" The programmers can immediately step to that time,and single step through each game frame to determine what the bug was.

View a graph of your framerate over time, to immediately jump to and pinpoint the areas of low FPS, while viewing a screenshot of what was on the screen at the time of low FPS

Get a map of where players spend most of their time
Watch 3D playbacks of player and AI movement during gameplay
View what the AI is thinking

Profile memory/cpu usage by category, or query by subcategory
Record events and function calls, with source file and line numbers automatically written
Combine multiplayer sessions in a unified recording session, allowing you to watch what happened on all systems at the same time from a single machine

I'm looking for beta testers to provide bug reports, feature requests, and design feedback.

In order to beta test you need

1. To be a programmer. The tool can be used by artists and designers, but not without programmer setup.
2. Your application has to be in C++
3. Be willing to agree to an NDA
4. Good communication skills in English

I'll be happy to give out free licenses to the beta testers after the testing period for testers that contribute in some positive way. Testing will probably last about a month.

There's no website up yet, but it should be up in a week or two.


Daniel FF:
Very nice,

  Item 4 is too bad to me :( ,I failed there !

  Good lucky anyway, I am pretty sure that will be a very useful tool.

 Only for curiosity, what do you going to use to render 3D ?


I'll let you and everyone know the specifics once beta is over.


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