Author Topic: 3.24 Released  (Read 4622 times)


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3.24 Released
« on: June 17, 2008, 01:28:54 AM »
Just a bunch of bug fixes, mostly among the newer components

  • Autopatcher: optimized MySQL queries, fixed file list transfer callback, improved Linux compatibility.
  • ReplicaManager2: Added SEND_SERIALIZATION_CONSTRUCTION_TO_SYSTEM, fixed bug with sending scope changes.
  • AutoRPC: Fixed passing a boolean as the last parameter. Fixed encoding error when doing directed sends.
  • Fixed race condition in ThreadPool.h.
  • NAT punchthrough will now try the local IP sooner.
  • Return ID_DISCONNECTION_NOTIFICATION when CloseConnection is called with sendDisconnectionNotification==false.
  • Fixed parsing error when passing domain names to RakPeer::Connect().
  • PHPDirectoryServer will now update the correct row based on the system address key.