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Title: RakNet 4.06 released
Post by: Rak'kar on October 19, 2012, 10:46:05 PM
RakPeer: Improve congestion control being too sensitive to latency variation, which was reducing maximum bandwidth utilization by about 50% on megabyte and faster connections.
PS3, Vita: Marshal system callbacks to happen on user thread. Was previously causing thread corruption of rooms list.
XBOX 360: Fix crash on disconnect when XnetQosServiceLookup fails.
ReplicaManager3: Fix QueryReplicaList not passing arguments by reference. Fix QUERY_CONNECTION_FOR_REPLICA_LIST when destroying Replicas.
RoomsPlugin: Fixed being able to issue commands for any user, rather than just the one(s) you have logged in with.
Native Client support: Added beta support for Native Client. Requires define RAKPEER_USER_THREADED and for the user to execute RakPeer::RunRecvFromOnce() and RakPeer::RunUpdateCycle() from the main thread.
Team Manager: Fix JoinRequestHelperComp function.
RPC4Plugin: Fix sending return value when using CallBlocking().
Cmake: Simplified in order to fix build errors.